Marketing & Communications

Partnering with brands to propel their business.

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Need to get your business in the social swing of things?

Marketing and Social Media strategies to set you apart from the crowd.

Crafting content and providing unique engagement.

Social Media Management



Wendy Marcello is the owner and managing director of Make It Happen. Wendy brings increased brand recognition and unique promotions for small businesses and entrepreneurs, with her creative motivation and collaborative style.

Make It Happen offers boutique-marketing services – no huge agency hype or big prices here either.



Marketing strategy and business branding.  Shaping who you are, creating your offer in a unique way from your competition. Then delivering your message to your key clientele in a compelling manner.

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Strategic communications for all platforms.  Crafting and delivering messages in the style you want received by others. Partnering alongside you for a variety of professional communication services.

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Social Media

Cohesive online management. Content creation for multiple accounts, delivering frequent posts, and interaction with your followers. Strategic planning for promotional social media and reporting of results.

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Exceptional Service and Style!

What differentiates you?   

How are you perceived?   

Are you driving the market or is it driving you?

Make It Happen can help you define, enhance and promote your business.

We work collaboratively with you to enhance your product or service offering, reach your niche clients and act as an objective sounding board to build solid performance. All too often the devil is in the details and while you focus on running your business it can be hard to be objective and you may become reactive instead of proactive. We take the time with our clients to understand your goals and aspirations to help set you apart from the crowd. Make It Happen is pleased to provide exceptional style and service!

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