smell-rosesForget smelling the roses, who can find them with all this stuff in the way. Whether you’re at work, home and especially during the holidays so many of us get wrapped up in the day’s craziness.  It’s important to take pause and hear yourself breathe. No this is not another weak attempt to find your Zen. It’s about decluttering your life and holding fast to the things that matter most.

Every morning or evening, as the case may be, take a note pad and jot down the things you NEED to get done during the day, then the things you want to get done. It may seem like the things you want may outnumber the things you need. Well I use a (wait for it) THREE step process or key if you will. I look at my list and say to myself “Health, Peace and Prosperity” in that order.  It’s quite simple, you see. If you don’t have Health (physical or mental) you haven’t anything and you won’t really have Peace.  You can have Prosperity but what’s the point if you don’t have the others.

I then move the items around on my list, adding and subtracting based on this process. Choose things that add value to your life and that of loved ones. Park the things that take away from it. I put the list in my pocket and refer it during the day scratching items off.  Remember, this is just for the day. You can do the week but keep it simple otherwise you’ll waste your time planning instead of doing.

Here’s another way to look at it, can you remember what you did yesterday, a week ago, and a year ago? I don’t mean big stuff like birthdays, trips, births, etc. I mean what you spent your time on during the day? Now think of this, a human lives to be about 78 years on average. That’s about 28,500 days give or take. Now take your age and multiply (yes math) it by 365. Don’t forget subtracting for sleep estimated at 9400 days.  Wow big deal, I know how old I am in days.  That’s not the point. The question is how many days left do you have and how are you going to spend them?  

I’m not trying to be a downer but the point is made that we don’t know, so Live for Today! Do the things and spend the time with the people that matter most to you and remember them.  Don’t get caught up in the noise of modern life, and remember to breathe.  deep-breath

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