Are you stuck in a rut?

Is your life the same old – same old?

Do you need to be reminded to get out of your comfort zone?  Take a look!  I attended a Get Motivated seminar – with speakers such as Terry Bradshaw, Rudy Giuliani, Zig Ziglar, Gen. Colin Powell, Tamara Lowe and Laura Bush!  What an inspiring and motivating day that was!  Each speaker had some excellent points about getting the best out of yourself and I want to share a few of their pointers with you.

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw Terry Bradshaw – NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

Terry Bradshaw’s speech was full of humor and I totally agree on his tips.   He said, “Have a good time while you’re alive – smile & laugh.  Be thankful to be alive.  Practice being happy!”  I never thought of it that way – needing to practice being happy.  But what great advice, as it is so easy to get stuck in a bad-mood rut, but if we practice being happy I bet it’s a lot easier to get out of – or even stay out of that rut!

Rudy Guilanni

Rudy Giuliani Rudy Giuliani – America’s Mayor

Everyone was so excited when Rudy Giuliani came on stage!  He had some very encouraging words to say, “You need to have relentless preparation, as if you are always getting ready for the big performance.”  For his tips about working with others he said, “It’s not a weakness to ask for help.”    And my favorite quote of his that day he said, “Funerals are more important [than weddings or parties], you’ve got be there for others when things go wrong.”   I love that, as it is not always about being there in the good times for people, but to be there for them when they are down also.

Laura Bush

Wendy & Derek Say hi to Laura Bush

 Wendy & Derek  meeting Former First Lady Laura Bush

I was so excited when Laura Bush came over and shook hands with my husband and I!  She is such an inspiration, so graceful and elegant.  She spoke a lot about the 8 years she spent in the White House and that time during American history.  She has a strong passion for literacy.  And she encouraged us to “Live in the moment” no matter what is going on.  Regarding some bad press her family received in the White House she said, “It didn’t get to me – I know who I am!”   Well said!

Tamara Lowe

Tamara Lowe Tamara Lowe – Author of “Get Motivated”

Tamara Lowe is a true rags to riches success story!  Tamara is my cousin, but I am not gossiping about her – as what I am saying is in her ”Get Motivated” book and she spoke about it on stage.  She is a former drug addict and dropout who completely turned her life around!  Here are just some of the people she has worked with: Six United States Presidents, including George W. Bush,  British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, George Foreman, Billy Graham, and Mother Teresa.   Her message is about knowing yourself, she said, “You are wired to be inspired.  Excuses are inexcusable!”   She also said, “Don’t worry about what people think about you – it’s only between you and God.”   That is a great tip, as so many times we do worry about what others think – and that can only hinder us!

During her presentation she called for a volunteer.  This was not something I knew about beforehand, but I jumped up to do it!

Tamara Lowe & Wendy Marcello Tamara Lowe & Wendy Marcello (photo: Parker Young)

I am so glad I did – it was so exhilarating being up there!!

Gen. Colin Powell

Colin Powell on stage Gen. Colin Powell, Soldier-Statesman

Again the crowd went crazy to see Gen. Colin Powell arrive!  His speech was very inspirational for leaders – as he is a phenomenal leader!  As much as he enjoyed his Secretary of State position in the White House he said, “I keep my eyes looking out the front windshield.”  Not looking back, but being present and moving forward!  He encouraged businesses to “Put leaders in the best environment to get the job done.  Inspire your people and they will do anything you ask of them.”

Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar – America’s #1 Motivator

Since 1970 Zig Ziglar has been motivating us all!  He is a true inspiration and has endless quotes of how to motivate yourself.   He has written tons of books over the years and just released “Embrace the Struggle” after an accident he had at home.  In a few days he will be turning 83 years old, and he’s still got it – that amazing Ziglar motivation.  During his presentation he said, “Learn something new everyday to help you.  Be a constant student.”  And one of my most favorite quotes of his, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”  Amen to that – if you help others – others will help you!   Going to Get Motivated was fantastic!  The seminar travels around the country with these and other amazing speakers.  You can see it on the faces of the attendees – they are so excited to be there and truly do feel motivated from attending the seminar!   So business men, college students, working moms and homemakers – if you are in a rut – get out of your comfort zone.  Find something to shake you up, and get yourself out there – what are you waiting for?

– Wendy

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