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Your online presence is more important than ever.  Facebook, Twitter and Blog presence is a must for any growing business.

If your company has a social media presence – be sure they are all linked together. Link your facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog accounts together.  Just be sure not to use the same post on each networking site, as if you have followers that follow you in different areas, you don’t want them to get the same message everywhere.


Types of posts to make on social networks:

  • Tips
  • Specials
  • What’s new with your business
  • Your thoughts on an issue in your line of business
  • Showcase of your work
  • Referring other businesses you work with

Community Coffee on Facebook is a great example of different ways to communicate with the public.

Connect with clients on facebook and twitter – say Happy Birthday, congratulations, happy graduation, or just to touch base and say hi.

Don’t be shy – ask you clients and fans on your facebook page to recommend your page to their friends.

Connect with facebook fan pages of similar type businesses as yours.  See what types of social media they are participating in and network with them.

No matter how big or small your business is – facebook is a great place to have a presence – what are you waiting for?  Here is the link to create your own facebook fan page:

social media tips


Don’t have a blog yet?  Check out  for free blogs, or if you want to self host a blog (get your own .com) use   they have so many templates to customize the look you are going for.

If you have a blog – register it at and there are others out there – but these are the two big ones to get listed on – it will help your blog get found!

Import your blog onto your facebook fan page!/editnotes.php?import   Now you will have a log of your blog posts on your facebook fan page and your personal page in the notes section!

Digial Biz Card

If you are on Twitter – be sure to get a Digital Biz Card from  – so cool and free!

What types of Social Media activities do you find helpful for your business?

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