I’ve never purchased margarine in my whole life – I only love real butter, and no salt please. I only want the real deal.  I believe and seek out real things.  I believe that each and every business has it within them to be more real and become more successful– and that they can make that happen.

Small businesses are busy offering physical therapy sessions, baking tasty cupcakes, providing dental services and building beautiful outdoor living spaces…I want you to continue to create and build and serve our community here in the north Dallas area. I will partner alongside you to help promote your business.  Whether it be social media management, public relations, community engagement, a new logo or an updated website…I will handle the marketing and communications aspect and partner with you  – with your ideas (and some of my own), while you create your craft and provide your service.

I want you to have that “just perfect” feeling about the work we do together, Make It Happen services will look and feel aesthetically pleasing, it will feel good to you and your prospects when they see it – whether it be the social media post , the custom made postcard or the press release.  The craft we will provide for you will not be created from fake butter, it will not be like something any other business has…it will be uniquely yours and we will have created it together.

You have thoughts and visions of your business.

Make It Happen will help project your thoughts and visions into copy – written words, social media and print media. I have a significant variety of marketing experience from key industries and I want to provide my knowledge about marketing and communications with you – and share how my experience can help your business.

I have the vision to see what you want to be.

My passion is small business marketing, and I want to help you get your business to where it belongs – no substations, no copies.  Real butter, homemade cookie dough – because I only do the real deal.  Let’s Make It Happen!

Partnering with brands to PROPEL their business.


Wendy Marcello


Prosper, Texas


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