It’s always so exciting to share a before and after of a logo design project!

Here is the before.

Logo before


When I first moved to Prosper, Texas in 2015 it was a town that had been growing and growing at a rapid pace, and many new businesses were moving into the area.

I have a passion for small businesses – never mind when it’s involving flowers! I ran across Prosper Blooms – a family run business making handcrafted floral arrangements for the Prosper, Texas area.   First things first – she needed some help with branding, logo design and marketing.

After getting to know the owner we had a real clear direction on what her branding and logo design should look like.  With their slogan “Bloom where you are planted” from First Corinthians in the Bible – we were immediately drawn to including the Jesus sign of the fish, but to turn it on its side and make it a vase for a  flower.


Logo Design l


As you can see from the original logo on that hand-painted sign above – we kept the hand-drawn script for her font and used her favorite color purple.


Branding & Logo Design


We have worked on several projects together including these sweet floral cards that she’ll be attaching with twine to the floral arrangements.  They will replace those long plastic sticks that awkwardly stick out of arrangements.

The investment of time and money into redoing her logo, that included over 60 logo files of appropriate dimensions and logo file types, along with the professional branding that her business deserved will last her for years to come.

We consider it one of our most successful branding makeovers to date!

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